Sunday, April 29, 2018

"Nemesis (The New Earth Colonies Book 2)"
by Nina Silver

The Earth had been attacked by an alien race known as the Oorupta. While the invaders were eventually defeated, though not destroyed, the Earth was left in a very poor state to support everyone living on it. Now, Humans have developed interstellar ships and colonized the other planets in the solar system. Each planet seems to have a purpose dedicated primarily to those living there.

This book begins with a two girls who have just finished their education and are leaving Saturn for their future career placements. Xan, a young doctor. is being sent to Jupiter colony. This is where the military forces are primarily stationed and is the most technologically advanced of the colonies. Her best friend Iolee has been studying linguistics and will be remaining on Saturn.

On Jupiter, Xan meets a very handsome soldier named Jax who apparently has no interest in her or anyone else. He is dedicated to his career and appears to actively dislike Xan, at least so far as she can tell. But before Xan can begin her first day in her new job, a ship that had been missing for quite some time arrives and is allowed to dock at the Jupiter spaceport. Unfortunately, it turns out that what was on the ship weren’t the expected human personnel, but the Oorupta. The Colonies are under attack once again.

This book is not appropriate for younger readers as there are some rather descriptive sexual encounters. I also must give this book a Trigger Warning as it contains an attempted rape.

The plot of the story is very interesting and one I enjoyed reading. However this book was sent as a .pdf file. I don’t know if the problem I encountered with the file is a quirk unique to my device, but the text of the story downloaded very small onto my kindle. (I often run into problems with .pdf files and my kindle, so this might be a problem very few others will run into.) The author was kind enough to provide me with a larger print version of the book that was much easier for me to read. And while I did very much enjoy the plot of the book, I felt that it could have used another round of editing before publication.

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