Tuesday, April 17, 2018

"Little Bear and his Chair" by Claressa Swensen

Little Bear has a favorite Chair that he doesn’t want to share with anyone. But how do his friends react when he won’t let them sit in his favorite chair?

This was a very sweet little story that helps to show children who don’t like to share their belongings what can happen when they refuse to share with others. After all, playing with other children often means needing to be willing to share with them.

I believe this story will help to encourage young children to learn to be kind to each other. It very clearly shows how they can have more fun when they share their favorite things than they will have if they won’t share.

Note: The reason this book does not yet have a link on this review is that the book is not yet available for sale on Amazon. Once as it is available, I will update this page to include a link.

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