Monday, March 22, 2021

"A Groom for Carrie" by Marie Higgins

After most of the town's men died in an unexpected blizzard, the town's pastor had made it clear that the women all needed to either remarry or move elsewhere. From the letters they received after the town placed an advertisement in a matrimonial times, Carrie Porter chose to accept the proposal from Dr. Hamilton, as the town desperately needed a doctor. 

However after their wedding, she learned that he no longer intended to practice medicine, but instead planned on being a farmer. It also turned out that he was someone she'd known and been tormented by as a child. 

This was an interesting book to read. The characters had a lot to work through on their way to learning how to trust and care for each other. And as was to be expected, the journey wasn't an easy one. I enjoyed watching the characters work through their emotions and personal issues. Like most mail order bride stories, it is the emotional trials of the characters that is the most interesting.

As the second book that I've read in the Blizzard Brides series, I found this to be an enjoyable book. I believe that anyone who enjoys a good mail order bride story will like this one. It is a very quick read, but is also a nice, relaxing story.

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