Monday, March 8, 2021

"Spirited Western Bride
and her Reformed Soulmate"
by Florence Linnington

The owner of the General Store in Littlegrove was surprised to have been invited to Clarissa's wedding and felt quite embarrassed to arrive almost too late to see the ceremony after his 3 hour ride into Evergreen. Yet the only one who seemed to be offended by his late arrival was the beautiful but cold Caitlin, younger sister to the wife of Peter, Evergreen's General store owner and Colby's friend and business associate.

Circumstances soon seemed to keep throwing Colby & Caitlin together as the two families attempted to find a way to help both towns make it through what looks to be a rough winter ahead. But after her previous misfortune with Kyle, the man she had thought loved her,  can Caitlin ever learn to trust any man other than her brother-in-law Peter?

This heart wrenching tale sucked me in quickly and several times caused me to tear up as I read. It was an amazing story of two people who believed themselves broken by their pasts came together to find hope in their future. But will that future be together? Or have they both been too damaged by their pasts to truly find love?

This was a story that highlighted how secrets from the past can cause harm in the future and why honesty is always the best way to move forward. As always, I love how Ms. Linnington takes her readers through a full range of emotions, yrt manages to end her stories with a happy and heartwarming moment.

I enjoyed this tale just as much as I have her previous books, and I believe this book will appeal to those who enjoy a good mail order bride story as well as those who are looking for something that they can trust to make them feel good after reading it.

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