Monday, March 15, 2021

"Goddesses Inc." By Autumn Bardot

Four immortal Goddesses are summoned to meet with Shee, their boss. The four women find themselves declared irrelevant and no longer needed in the modern world and suddenly find themselves fired. None of them even knew a goddess could be fired!

Mortal, they are now faced with all the needs, risks, and requirements of a mortal life. How will they support themselves?

What skills do they really have to survive in the modern world? What can an ancient ex-goddess even really do?

I loved reading this book. Mythology and history have always interested me, and this book combines both in a way that has you rooting for the 4 women who had & lost everything they thought was important, and needed to reinvent themselves in a modern world.  Watching them grow from shallow & relatively thoughtless to kind, thoughtful, and caring individuals was very enjoyable and cheered my day. 

I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys mythology and stories where the characters have to find ways to begin over again unexpectedly and without the advantages they never expected to be without. 

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