Monday, November 15, 2021

"A Midsummer Knight's Scream"
by Nova Nelson

Sir Olivia is a knight in a cursed Renaissance Faire. Before that, she was an Angel who was framed for murder of a fellow Angel and banished from Heaven. After her fall, she found herself on earth where she soon got herself a job in the cursed renaissance faire as the Autumn Knight. 

But now, history seems to have repeated itself, and she appears to have killed a fellow knight during their morning joust.  Only this time banishment isn't an option as everyone who is part of the faire is cursed with immortality and to remain there forever. Instead, if she can't find the real murderer by the end of the day, she will be killed. But she isn't yet ready to have her existence ended.

I enjoyed reading this cozy mystery. Ms. Nelson wove a fun and engaging tale that had me trying to solve the murder along with Sir Olivia. The story itself was quite interesting with a number of twists to keep the reader guessing along the way.

This was the last book in the Magical Renaissance Faire Mysteries trilogy. So far as I know, there are not currently any further books planned, though I do hope the authors of this trilogy will decide to continue on with it as I found the series to be unique and a lot of fun to read.  I believe that anyone who has read the first two books in this series, enjoys renaissance faires or cozy mysteries will enjoy reading this book.

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