Monday, November 8, 2021

"Carols and Yule Perils" by Trixie Silvertale

While out looking to cut down a fresh Christmas Tree for the bookstore, Mitzy & Erick stumble across a woman's body, and thus a fresh murder for them to solve. And this one hits close to home for Mitzy, as the dead woman had been married to her employee/friend Twiggy's boyfriend. And thus placing Twiggy firmly on the list of potential murder suspects. But she couldn't actually have been involved in killing someone, could she?

This was the most recent book in the Mitzy Moon Paranormal Cozy Mystery series, and it doesn't disappoint. This book was well written and captured my interest from the beginning and held it through multiple plot twists all the way to the end.. 

If you've enjoyed any of the earlier books in this series, you'll want to read this one as well. We once again get to not only follow Mitzi as as she manages to solve another murder, but we also get to learn a few more surprising secrets about those closest to her. Even if like me, you haven't yet read the entire series, I'd still suggest giving this book a try. I certainly enjoyed reading it.

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