Monday, April 10, 2023

"The Broken Bride for a Mountain Man"
by Florence Linnington

After leaving her family to marry the owner of the General Store in a small mountain town, Mirriam hopes to find that he is a good and kind man that she might grow to love over time. Unfortunately, she soon learns that he is anything but that. He is greedy, selfish, and cruel. And worse, when she dares to try to stand up for herself, she learns how truly awful he is. Then, with winter having closed off the town, she nearly dies in a blizzard… for the second time. What more could go wrong?

I liked this book. It showed one of the darker sides of what women who became mail order brides may have faced. Trapped with no way to leave or support themselves, they were often at the mercy of a husband they only met on the day they were married. Not all such stories were likely to have a happy ending. And while it is never fun to hear about the abuses many women likely faced, at least with Ms. Linnington's stories, I am always sure she will find a way to give the happy ending I have come to expect in her books (though I won't tell you how this one got there, as that would spoil your enjoyment of getting to read it for yourself.) Just trust that she found a way to do it in this book too.

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