Monday, April 3, 2023

“The Champion’s Lord” by VC Willis

After losing control of their land to the invaders from the old Continent, Life had been rough for many people, who were now just trying to survive. Or so it seems anyway. When the empire’s crown prince seeks an alliance with the Thompson clan, he brings along some knowledge of what the invaders seem to be looking for, though parts of the puzzle are clearly still missing. Still, Raphael is determined to try and aid his new friends and allies as best he can, and try to keep the fate that befell the empire from happening again. With the help of Ashton and his family, hopefully he can succeed, despite the odds stacked against them.

I read an Advance Review Copy of this book and really enjoyed it. The book is well written, the story is fast paced, and the characters are quite fascinating. They each have their own problems and faults, just as they bring their own strengths and abilities to this fight. For if they fail, things will become very dark for those still around to see it. Someone is messing with dark magic, and without the aid of the Fates, will anything be left? And if the Fates are forced to intervene, who knows what will happen. 

It also needs to be noted that this book is a web exclusive release available on the Yonder app. I have not previously used the Yonder app to read books (as I said, I received a review copy from the publisher, so have read all of book 1 already), it  appears that while the books are free, they are only released 1 chapter free per day of a book. So if you want to read more than has already been released for you, you will have to either buy coins to buy more chapters or wait another day for the next chapter to be available. But if, like me, you don’t want to spend money on in-app purchases, it looks like if you simply wait until the next day, you will get the next chapter. (At the time I posted this, the first 7 chapters appear to be available for free on the app, which yes, I have downloaded.) The app itself is free from the play store and does have a large number of books in a variety of genres available.

This fantasy and adventure story is not meant for younger readers. There is a fair amount of descriptive sexual encounters, both male/female and male/male. And while they are an important part of the story, this is more steamy than what I would call erotica. (Though with I fair amount of descriptive sex, it might be considered by many as such. I don't generally tend to enjoy reading erotica, but I enjoyed this story, which is why I tend to describe it as extremely steamy rather than outright erotica.)

I found myself enjoying reading this book a great deal and will be waiting and watching for book 2 in the series. I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys very steamy fantasy novels especially if you enjoy ones where the heroes of the story aren’t entirely sure they want to be the heroes, but know there isn’t really anyone else who will take their place.

If you are interested in checking out the the Yonder app, here is a link to it:

And if you'd just like to take a peek at Chapter one of the book that is readable from any device, check it out here:


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