Monday, April 24, 2023

"The Goodnight Kiss"
by Jennifet L. Hart/Gwen Rivers

Nic is a 16 yr old girl with a dark secret. She considers herself a serial killer who hunts predators… men or women who are rapists or otherwise violently abusive against the innocent. In essence, she hunts the hunters. And when they think they've caught her, she kills them with her "goodnight kiss". She doesn't know why she has this power, but whenever she uses it her victims die without a trace of any sort of poison in their system.

This was book one of the Unseelie Court Series. I enjoyed reading this book. It was very full of information on various Norse deities and legends without feeling like the reader was being taught about them. I enjoyed reading all the legendary creatures as well as the humans in the story. I always enjoy stories about mythology and legends and this book was full of them. I will definitely be reading more books in this series.

The only question I have actually involves the author. When I read this book on my kindle, it was listed as written by Jennifer L. Hart. But when I looked for it on the Amazon website, the book had a different cover and was listed as having been written by Gwen Rivers. But from the description and character names, It appears to be the same book. 

I don't know the reason behind the different author names and the different cover, but it is clearly the same book. And though my copy lists Jennifer L Hart as the author, when searching by that author name, I could no longer find it. I could only find the version with the book as listed by Gwen Rivers.

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