Friday, October 6, 2023

"Amish Bliss" by Samantha Price

When Bliss writes to Adam  About the rabbit that Cherish had given to her as a birthday gift, a still upset Cherish substitutes the nice, polite letter from Bliss with an angry one that she had written, signing it with her step-sister's name. She didn't expect Adam to show up on their doorstep to apologize to Bliss in person, causing Cherish to realize that she still likes him. Unfortunately, he is now drawn to Bliss whom he believes wrote the letter. So what can Charity do to "fix"  the situation?

This was another entertaining story about the "Bonnet sisters. It is a very quick read that left me in a good mood at the end. Anyone who has enjoyed the previous books in this series, any of Ms. Price's other books, or anyone who enjoys a sweet Amish romance story with just a little bit of sisterly drama should enjoy this book.

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