Monday, October 9, 2023

"Orchestrated Love" by AJ Buchanan

Jackson Knox and Noah Santiago first met at the college where Jax was a music professor and Noah was one of his students. They fell in love, but with Jax being Noah's teacher, having a romantic relationship between the two of them was dangerous. It presented too many problems that might have cost them both dearly if the relationship between a student and his mentor were to become public knowledge. And when Jax realized how great the risks were, he ended things between them, switching Noah over to a different mentor. But in order for him to make sure that Noah was truly safe, the break needed to be complete and immediate. And it completely broke both their hearts. But a chance meeting 11 years later could either destroy them both or maybe, just maybe, it could provide a chance for them to heal.

This was a sweet  M/M romance novel that was all about second chances. It was also about learning if the characters are each able to put aside their hurt and anger and truly open up about everything they once had, as well as whether or not they are willing and able to give themselves a second chance. If they can, they might find happiness together after all. But if not, then each of them has been cruelly reminded about the pain that they each felt after their breakup all over again. 

I read a review copy of this book and it does contain some graphic sex scenes, so be aware that this is not a book meant for younger readers. But it is a very enjoyable story. The characters are realistic in their emotions, and watching them discover and decide if they can, or should move past an old hurt makes this story all that much more interesting.

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