Monday, April 1, 2024

Jenna and the Legend of the White Wolf
by JB Moonstar

Jenna lives in a house on the edge of a forest. Her family is new in town, and she often feels bossed around by her older sister when her dad is away on a military assignment. She loves watching the animals in the woods behind her house, but on this day they are all acting strangely. When a fox comes up near her and seems to be asking her to touch its paw, she is transformed into a white wolf once she does. Now, she can understand everything they are saying, and it seems they need her help to rescue Ituria.

This was the fourth book in the Chronicles of Ituria series, and it was every bit as much fun as the previous ones. I received a review copy of this book and I very much enjoyed reading it. Watching Jenna build up her self-confidence as she comes up with creative ways to help the forest animals to rescue an injured unicorn, was a very fun story to read.

And while this series is meant for middle-grade readers, the story is entertaining enough for an adult looking for quick, fun something to entertain themselves with for a few hours.

For those with middle-grade children who enjoy early chapter books containing a fantastical element to them (unicorns, dragons, as well as a variety of forest animals), I believe they will have a great time reading this series. It is easy enough for young readers, but entertaining enough for adults to enjoy as well. (amazon link) (link to book on publisher's website)

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