Monday, March 25, 2024

Small Island
by Toby Neal

Kat is a member of the Secret Service who has been working as the Postmaster in Ohia, Hawaii. It's not the direction she had envisioned her career taking, but the job has been growing on her. And more often than she would have expected, her Secret Service training has been very helpful. With more than one recent murder, members of a mafia-like organization setting up a business on the island, and a group of elderly ladies fighting to protect their small town from a questionable housing development nearby, Kat has been kept quite busy doing much more than just running a busy post office. And it looks like things are only about to get more interesting for her.

This was an enjoyable cozy mystery. The feel of a small, close-knit community in an island paradise comes through quite clearly. I enjoyed watching Kat work to solve another murder as well as protecting the friends she has made from becoming yet another set of victims of the criminal organization that appears to be operating out of New Ohia. And all this while learning how to run the post office by herself, striving to overcome her PTSD, and beginning a relationship with the handsome, Hawaiian pilot, Keone.

I especially loved watching Kat and Tiki, the feral cat who lives in her house, begin to trust each other and to care for and depend on each other. Their relationship parallels the developing relationship between Kat and Keone. It isn’t easy for someone with PTSD to trust and not run away from a new relationship, and watching Kat and Keone learn to trust and allow their feelings to develop despite their fears, was just as enjoyable as watching Kat & Tiki doing the same.

If you enjoy cozy mysteries that take place in a tropical setting, enjoyed the previous book in this series, or have enjoyed any of the author’s other books, then I believe you will also enjoy this book. (Amazon Link) (Books2Read link for other vendors)

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