Friday, July 14, 2023

"Cookbooks and Demons" by Megan Mackie

Helena is hosting a dinner party for several friends, coworkers, and her boss. But she's pretty much a disaster in the kitchen. After ruining her attempted meal, she somehow managed to accidentally summon a demon. And we all know how poorly that tends to end for the summoner.  But the demon manages to save her meal, allowing her to impress her guests without them finding out that he isn't actually a caterer.

This was an interesting story. I received and read a review copy of this story. It was a fun and steamy paranormal romance. But readers should be aware that there are some trigger warnings with this one. There are references to bullying and suicide. And some sexual situations that make this probably a bit inappropriate for younger readers.

The interactions between Helena and the demon (Rafferty) were very interesting and often fun to watch. He's not exactly what you expect when a demon is accidentally summoned, and she clearly has more sympathy for his plight than most summoners would. All in all, it makes for a very interesting story. And the ending leaves me wanting to know what will be coming in the sequel. (Or would that be season two as this is a serial on the Yonder app.)

If you enjoy fun paranormal romances that include some steamy sex scenes in the story, then you'll definitely enjoy this book. You can find it on the Yonder app by following this link:

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