Monday, July 3, 2023

"The Sea of the Vanities" by Lou Kemp.

Cass has been traveling across the southern continent. She is a renowned singer who is fleeing a scandal and her memories, though no matter how far she goes, both still seem to find her.  She is currently taking passage on the sailing ship "Passat," hoping for a nice quiet trip. Unfortunately, fate seems to have other plans.

I received an Advanced Review Copy of this book, and enjoyed this seafaring tale of adventure, murder, pirates and a touch of the paranormal. It was set in the 1800s, and I found the story and the characters quite captivating.  Traveling across oceans in the days when pirate ships roamed free was often dangerous, and the pirates in this book were more than a little bloodthirsty. But they weren't the only dangers the Passat's passengers would encounter.

So far as I could tell, the setting and the characters in the book were fairly accurate portrayals for the time, and their stories added to my enjoyment of this book. I know that I'm being rather vague about this one, but I don't want to risk spoiling the plot for you. This was a companion book to a series that I have not read, though after reading this book, I want to track down Ms. Kemp's other books to find out what I've missed.

I think that if you enjoy tales of adventure, pirates, and ocean voyages, that you would likely enjoy this book too. Just be warned, there are some rape scenes in this book. And while most of it takes place "off camera" it leaves little doubt that rape was involved.

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