Friday, July 21, 2023

"The Star Courier" by Megan Mackie

I received an Advance Review Copy of this book (which is being released as a web exclusive book on the Yonder app) and enjoyed reading it a great deal.

This was the story of a Human serving as an officer on an interstellar courier ship. Humans serving in the ISL are rare, and even fewer of them serve as officers. When the ship is attacked, their captain is severely wounded and won’t survive. If that happens, the entire crew will all die as the ship itself shuts down.  The only way to save the crew is for Miranda to link with the ship so that they can Jump out of the area. There is only one problem, Humans have never been able to link with the ship and survive the process. So even if she manages to successfully get the ship away, she knows the process will kill her.

But somehow, the impossible happens and Miranda survives. But the process of linking with the ship destroys all memories of her past. Miranda is declared legally dead, and no one who knew her before is allowed to acknowledge or even supposed to serve aboard the same ship under her. This is the price of becoming a ship's captain. 

So now, Captain M'riadon, must master her new existence in a situation where the dack seems to be stacked against her. With no memories of who she was before and only a skeleton crew of new faces on the ship, she must  navigate her new existence, and find a way to succeed or fail as Captain M'riadon with a deck that is clearly stacked against her.

This was a very enjoyable science fiction story with great characters and a fascinating plot. I enjoyed every minute of this story. The pain and heartache, the anger and despair, the desperation, and the kindness and affection in the story all come through quite clearly. You can't help but feel what the various characters are going through, and when the reasons why they feel so strongly become apparent to the reader, it makes your awareness of those feelings even more bittersweet.

This really was a fantastic story, and I will be watching for the sequel to be released. If you enjoy science fiction, and books that take you on an adventurous roller coaster, then you will want to read this book. This is one that I hope will have a sequel (or season two since it is a serial) as it was an excellent read and I would like to read more about this ship and crew's adventures.

You can find this book on the Yonder app by following this link:

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