Friday, July 7, 2023

"Queen's Incubus" by Honey Cummings

Velechka is the First Crowned Princess of Aurelia, but she has been taught from early on not to questions the decisions made for her by others, regarding everything from what foods she wants to eat or what color and style of clothing she prefers, to who her father and the council intend for her to marry and when. She has been taught the hard way, not to disagree or ask for something other than what she is given. That is simply her life as a royal.

But things change when she learns that the "Whore King" has demanded that she was to become one of his harem, and instead of sending her, the council decides instead her younger, underage sister, should be delivered into a life of certain misery instead. Then Valechka finds her determination and her voice and stands up to the men running her kingdom and sets out to take control of her own fate. She makes a magical deal with the Advisor of Iniquity to train her in techniques of seduction that will aid her in gaining the title of Queen to the Whore King rather than merely becoming just another princess in his harem. The only requirement is that her petal (her virginity) must remain intact or the deal that was made with the Whore King will be void and war will likely overrun her country.

Starting out with the obvious, this is erotica, complete with a great deal of very graphic sex, and includes some trigger warnings for violence, rape, and abuse. It's no secret that I am not a fan of erotica, but was asked to read this book anyway. (I received an advance review copy.) And I was surprised by how entertaining I found the story.  The main characters were fascinating, and parts of this book nearly had me in tears for the fate that they seemed to be doomed and forced into. 

This book is a serial on the Yonder app. If you are a fan of very graphic and descriptive erotica, but also enjoy tales with an excellent story that drives the sexual encounters forward (as opposed to one where the sex is the story without much plot to move things forward) then you will likely enjoy this one. I know I was pleasantly surprised by it.

You can find this book in the Yonder app.

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