Friday, September 8, 2023

"Abused Bride and Her Adopted Baby”
by Florence Linnington

Caroline was married to an abusive husband named Leland. Her best friend Anna, pregnant and unmarried, died in childbirth after making Caroline promise to raise her baby. Knowing that to stay with her husband meant that eventually her adopted daughter would also be subjected to Leland's abuse, Caroline places an ad in the matrimonial times & eventually is proposed to by a farmer in Kansas. Wasting no time, she accepts and runs away believing that she left no clues behind as to her whereabouts. Unfortunately, she was wrong.

I received a review copy of this book, and like all of her other books, this story drew me in as it painted a vivid picture of a woman desperate for a way out and a better life for both herself & her child. Caroline took a leap of faith, knowing that the man she was traveling across the country to meet and marry could easily be as bad as the husband she fled from. Of course, if you've read Ms. Linnington's other books, then you have probably already guessed that Henry, the man Caroline left an abusive husband for is a kind and gentle man. And that after some difficulties and other problems, this book will have a happy ending.

This book does offer a message of love and hope, as well as trying to show that honesty is always the way to go, even if being fully honest with someone can be terrifying. It does not exactly resolve the issue of Caroline’s having already been married to Leland when she married Henry, but I choose to believe that Henry believed Caroline’s marriage to him was more valid than one to a man she felt a need to escape from. And given that the doctor seems to have recognized the fact that she had been abused & commented on how she was not the first to move out west for a fresh start, that Henry wasn’t the only one to accept her despite her initial lack of forthrightness about Leland.

If you have enjoyed any of Ms. Linnington's other books or if you enjoy mail-order bride stories, then I believe that you will enjoy this book.

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