Monday, September 18, 2023

"The Wizard if Menace" by Erin Johnson

When a singer at the Faire is murder by Excalibur, the sword belonging to King Arthur, Laidey's cat familiar, Mort, is soon blamed for the murder, and if she can't find the actual killer, it's almost certain that he will be executed. And at the same time, it seems that if they can find a way to summon an unknown descendant of the person who had cast the curse that had doomed all of them to remain trapped in the Renaissance Faire, it may be possible to end the curse, freeing them all.

This was a fun cozy mystery. The link to the  Arthurian legend, made me smile. (I've always been partial to King Arthur stories.) There were several interesting twists along the way in this story that kept me trying to solve both the main part of the story, as well as the secondary story, both of which intertwined beautifully.

I received a review copy of this book and have enjoyed not only this one, but all of the previous books in this multi-author, shared-world series. If you have enjoyed any of the previous books in this series, enjoy cozy mysteries with a paranormal twist, or Renaissance Faire themed tales, then you will enjoy this book. I'm looking forward to seeing if, in the next book, the residents of the Faire can break the curse and go their separate ways, or if they will remain trapped for the remainder of their days.

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