Friday, September 1, 2023

"Daughter of Serpents" by Sydney Wilder

Marissa is a half Naga raised in an orphanage by a woman who had made a promise to her husband that she would never turn away a child. But it has always been quite clear that she would have preferred not to have had to raise a reptilian child. Marissa has always had to hide who she was, and at 18 was forced to leave the orphanage To make her own way in a society of humans who would likely kill her on sight if they knew what she was.

Most humans consider reptilians as mindless beasts because they do not speak & cannot communicate with the humans. But the truth is that the two are more alike than anyone realizes. And it is looking like it won't be long before the humans and reptilians will soon be at war. And only Marissa and a reptile-loving distant royal, Arthur, seem to be interested in preventing it.

I found this book very interesting. The various varieties of reptilians are based on actual reptiles. And the behaviors of people when confronted by snakes in the real world is quite accurate to that of people confronted by the reptilians in this book. The story hooked me from page one, and I will definitely be looking forward to reading book 2 in this series when it becomes available.

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