Monday, February 26, 2024

Heart Magic by Kait Disney-Leugers

Wes has had an interesting few years. His sister is now an immortal being & is married to an Angel, his circle of friends include a number of various magical beings, and he is now an associate professor of geology at the college. From the outside, his life looks pretty good. There's just one problem… he's been dating an Incubus named Apollo, and had fallen in love with him. However for Apollo, the "relationship" is completely one sided. It is all about the sex, on his terms and with multiple partners, heedless of Wes's feelings. When Apollo calls, Wes always goes back to him.

What Wes really wants and needs is a healthy, loving relationship with someone who can and will love him in return. But so long as he remains with Apollo, he will never find it.

I read a review copy of this book. It was an interesting tale that I need to give a few potential trigger warnings about. The main part of the story deals with a toxic relationship between Wes and Apollo. Also, this is an adult story, and though not what I would call erotica, it does have some rather detailed M/M sex scenes. It is not a book meant for younger readers. There is also some stalking that happens in the story.

That being said, this was a good book and one I enjoyed reading. It is book 3 in the series, and I had previously reviewed book one (Antique Magic) which I also enjoyed, and have recently bought book 2 (Blood Magic) which I have not yet read, but plan to in the (hopefully) near future. While the books can be read out of order, there are a few things that likely make more sense when the series is read in order.

This book seems to be about realizing when you are in a toxic or one-sided relationship, finding a way to truly believe that you deserve better, and then making it happen, as hard or impossible as all of those things may seem. Reading this story may be rough for someone who has been in such a situation, but I can tell you that you will enjoy how it ends. (amazon link)

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