Friday, February 16, 2024

The Crown and the Collar
by Dominic N Ashton

Peter lives in a small town called Weston. He is a farmer, and never expected anything more from life than to someday take over his parents small farm. But all that changes the day that Prince Makseka Blackclaw happens to travel through the small town and the two of them meet. The prince, a werewolf, is instantly attracted to the young man, and wants him to become his royal consort and wear his collar.

I received a review copy of this book, and to begin, there are a few things that any potential reader needs to be aware of. The members of the royal family are all Werewolves, and while the king is married to a queen, he also has a royal consort (who can be either male or female.) This consort wears the king’s collar and is bound to him in a way that is the equivalent of a marriage. Also, this is not a book meant for younger readers. This book is a M/M romance and does contain some graphic sex scenes as well as some BDSM themes. It is an adult book, and as such, you will be asked to confirm that you are 18+ before you can access it on the publisher's website.

That being said, the story involving the prince and his desired consort, is a very sweet tale of romance between the two. And as with any tale of romance, misunderstandings and complications always arise. But then, life is never easy, is it? And when werewolves are involved, you can usually expect there will be even more issues that must be dealt with.

All in all, while this might not really be my cup of tea, (erotica usually isn't), I did enjoy this story. The developing romance between the two main characters as they overcome a number of misunderstandings and get to truly know and understand each other is heartfelt and honest. And if you are looking for a sweet M/M romance that comes with a unique set of complications (and a few surprises along the way), then I believe that you will enjoy this book. (Amazon link) (link to publisher's website) (Books2Read link to other vendors)

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