Friday, February 23, 2024

The Long Night by Alex Bueno

We've all been through power outages now & then, but what would happen if the power went out across the entire country? And not just a normal blackout, but one where everything electronic stops working all at once. No cell phones, no cars, nothing that requires any sort of electronics to make it work will even turn on. And all this happens with little to no warning. Now imagine that your family is separated by about 200 miles when it happens, and has no way to communicate with each other, no way to learn if each of you is okay or not, or if you can even make your way back home somehow.

This was an interesting post-apocalyptic novel that begins shortly before it becomes clear that there has been a long-term cyber attack being waged against the United States. This book does a great job of explaining how and such a thing was possible without putting the reader to sleep by being too technical. And the struggles faced by the three main groups of people focused on in this book, were very realistically portrayed, including the panic that naturally seems to follow in the face of the unknown.

I received a review copy of this book and enjoyed reading it. It was a well thought out tale and was well written. It included all of the things that I would expect to see in this genre. I enjoyed reading it and will be looking forward to seeing what happens next in book two in this series. If you enjoy post-apocalyptic books, I'd recommend giving this series a try. (Amazon Link) (Books2Read link to other vendors)

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