Monday, March 23, 2020

“Fading Petals” by Nadiyah Muhaimin

Rue’s father left when she was young, and the only mother she has ever known tried to kill her when she turned 16. But Rue survived the attack and was sent to The Institute to recover. Things only get stranger from that point. Rue falls in love with a Tear Rabbit soldier, but true love is something he is forbidden from experiencing and will be punished for if it is discovered that he has honestly fallen in love, and is not just lusting for or fascinated with any woman.

This was a very well written book, though I was left uncertain if “The Institute” was a medical hospital, a mental hospital, or a combination of both. A number of the other patients that Rue meets seem to be a combination of the two. And with the doctors performing “treatments” on their patients to try and cure them, many of my questions in that regard remained unanswered.

I’m also not really certain how to classify this tale. Parts of it made me feel like I was reading some sort of fairy tale. Other parts were more of an adventure or a fantasy story. And I’m not entirely certain that I truly understood everything that was going on in this tale. And yet, I do know that I did enjoy reading it a great deal. I have never read anything like this story before. And while, as I said, I’m not exactly certain how to describe it to others, it was something that I enjoyed and would be interested in reading the sequel in order to find out how Rue’s story will end.

It may seem strange to hear me saying that I enjoyed reading a story that I’m not sure I really understood, but I truly did. I am looking forward to reading book 2 as well. Hopefully it will clear up some of my confusion, but even if not, I expect that it will still be an enjoyable read.

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