Monday, March 9, 2020

"The Crossing" by Jo Wilde

When teenager Micky is sent to live with her father and grandfather in Louisiana, her whole world seems to take a strange turn. She loves living with her father (she’d hated the man who had married her mother. They would likely never find a way to get along.) But small town life as opposed to living in a big city in New York was only part of the changes she would have to deal with.

In her first week at the high school, she runs afoul of the local "mean girls" and soon discovers that she has been chosen by, is expected to become the mate of a vampire, and the beginning of the transformation to make her his has been forced upon her. Talk about a rough first week in a new school! How does one deal with learning they are becoming a vampire? And can she discover a way to stop it before it is too late?

I enjoyed reading this book. It was an interesting young adult vampire story that touched upon a number of themes that do affect teenagers today. The main character did not willingly choose to drink the vampire’s blood that was forced upon her, which is something that I could easily see happening at almost any teenage party involving drinking in the world today. And her responses were very realistic given the situation she found herself in.

I do feel that the book could have used another round with an editor/proofreader to smooth out some of the typos, but the story was still worth reading and quite enjoyable despite the errors I ran across. I was glad that I took the time to read it.

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