Monday, March 2, 2020

“The Grimm Legacy” by Addie J. King

Janie Grimm is getting ready to start law school. Her father had passed away from cancer not too long ago, but at least she had been able to tell him that she had been accepted prior to his passing. Her stepmother had agreed to pay her tuition costs, though part of that agreement included a weekly brunch together. Janie has kept her end of the deal, despite not always getting along very well with Evangeline.

But recently some very strange things have begun happening around Janie. She meets a talking frog who seems to be determined to stay near her, and then her hair began to suddenly grow as if she were Rapunzel. And those weren’t the only strange things that have started happening around her either. It was as if the fairy tales that most children grow up hearing were suddenly coming to life and congregating around her.

My daughter and I met this author at a book signing in Ohio. At the time, neither of us had yet had a chance to read any of her books, but after talking to her we wound up buying this whole series. So far I’ve only read this one, but I did greatly enjoy it. (I had a very hard time putting it down at night rather than trying to read straight through to the end of the book!)

It was a very unique twist on Grimm’s fairy tales. In this case, it focuses on a young woman who was descended from the Grimm family, and had been previously unaware of some of the problems and surprises that her heritage might wind up sending her way. After all, while the Grimm’s tales (or at least the versions mostly read to younger children these days) may have happy endings, there is much that happens in them that was not always so pleasant for the characters.

Ms. King has found a unique and enjoyable way to twist the story of the Grimm family legacy and entertain us all. I will be continuing to read more once I manage to download the next book in the series onto my kindle. Recommended.

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