Monday, March 30, 2020

“Half-Deaf Mail Order Bride
and her Heartfelt Pastor”
by Florence Linnington

Elizabeth's mother had been ill for a long time before she’d passed away, and with no money left to pay the rent, Elizabeth was now facing being thrown out onto the street. When she received the letter from the Pastor of a town called Evergreen, it was a lifeline that she desperately needed.

But will her fears and secrets destroy her chance at happiness? She had been told that the local tribes had killed her father, and true or not, she will have to overcome her prejudices regarding the town’s native population if she is to have any hope of surviving here. And then there's the woman who decides that she wants the pastor for herself and sets out to end the relationship between Joshua and Elizabeth before they even get the chance to know anything about each other.

I enjoyed this book as much as I have Ms. Linnington’s other books. The version I read did contain a number of typos, but having discussed them with the author, I have no doubt that they will have been corrected before publication day.

I always enjoy seeing the character development in Ms. Linnington's books. She always does an excellent job of portraying her character’s emotions and allowing us to watch them grow as individuals as they overcome various challenges in their lives.

Ms. Linnington’s books always seem to have a happy ending and always leave me in a wonderful mood. In a time of great stress, her books are sure to leave you smiling. Recommended.

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