Friday, March 8, 2024

Blast Off with Gabby and Maddox
by Steve Altier

Gabby and her younger brother Maddox are off another fantastic adventure. This time, they are going to outer space. Will things go smoothly, or will things get as interesting as they always seem to with these two. If you guessed that things will not go quite as planned, then you guessed right.

This is a fun second installment in the Gabby and Maddox series of chapter books intended for younger readers. I received an Advance Review Copy of this book, and like the first book in the series, it takes the reader on a fun ride once again, this time involving outer space, aliens, and a mystery that needs solving. It's a fun story that I believe younger readers will enjoy. (Obviously, I'm a little old to be the target audience, but I still enjoyed the tale myself.)

So if you have a younger reader who enjoys fantastic adventures in chapter books that aren't too long for them, I'd suggest giving this series a try. I think they might enjoy it. (amazon link) (books2read link to other vendors) (link to the book on publisher's website)

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