Monday, March 18, 2024

The Erotica Cryptids Collection
by Honey Cummings

This Book is a collection of three erotica novellas involving Shifters who are more commonly recognized as Cryptids. In This book, there is a story about a Sasquatch, a Chupacabra, and a Jersey Devil.  Each of these stories is very well written and quite entertaining. 

In the first story, a Sasquatch finds himself stuck in his Bigfoot form, unable to return to his human one, and left behind in the woods by his friends. Things seem to get worse for him when a Sasquatch hunter arrives on a camping trip with his girlfriend and sets up their camp nearby. In the second story, a Chupacabra is having trouble controlling both his shifts and his cravings at the same time as the woman he was in love with, but who had left to marry another man, returns to town. The third story involves a Jersey Devil who runs a casino and a woman whose pastor fiance she had just caught having sex with another woman.

I received a review copy of this book, and while I'm not normally very fond of erotica, I do enjoy the stories written by this author. The plots of these three tales were captivating, and in each case, I wanted to know how each story ended. Despite my not being a fan of erotica, this book held my interest throughout all three tales. Often, I’ve found that books that are classified as erotica are more graphic sex than story, but that has not been the case with this author. The books that I have reviewed of hers have been well-written, with plots that draw the reader in and hold their attention. And as such, I do actually find myself enjoying reading her books.

I believe that this is a collection of stories from previously published books by this author, though I am not entirely certain. But if I am correct, I expect that the full novels that each of these stories were from would be just as enjoyable

If you are a fan of erotica, you will love the stories in this book, and if you are more like me, enjoy a good story and don’t mind the explicit and graphic sex scenes, then I think you will also enjoy these stories. They present a unique take on three specific types of Cryptids, so those who enjoy reading about Cryptids will also likely enjoy this book. Just remember, this is not a book meant for younger readers; this is an erotica novel after all. (Amazon link) (link to the book on the publisher's website)

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