Monday, March 11, 2024

Mail Order Bride Bride Flaws
by Florence Linnington

Maisie Clark had A bright future ahead of her as a Chicago Socialite. Her life seemed pretty close to perfect. Until, that is, a runaway carriage ran over her leaving her seriously injured and with a large scar marring her face. It felt like she lost everything that day. The men who had pursued her before the accident all lost interest when her beauty was permanently marred.

In the end, her closest friend convinced her to write to someone advertising n a matrimonial newspaper. Based on the town and the man's initials, she thought she knew who she was exchanging letters with, but when she arrived in the town of Goldenbrook, it turned out the the AW she was writing, was not the man she had assumed those initials belonged to. Instead, it was Adam Clark… her brother’s ranching partner.

This was one of the sweetest of Ms. Linnington’s mail order bride stories that I have read. Though it begins with a case of mistaken identity, it doesn’t take long before it no longer matters to Maisie. As always, there are problems to overcome and secrets that come to light at unfortunate moments, but those aren’t the large problems that you might expect. Instead, the big challenge involves Adam purchasing the general store shortly before a newer, fancier one opens a competing business. Can Maisie and Adam find a way to keep their store in business, or will they be the ones who have to close instead?

I received a review copy of this book, and as always, I enjoyed reading Ms. Linnington’s latest tale. It was a sweet and very heartfelt story that included many of the themes as her previous books, but also showed that no matter how difficult a challenge a person may face, if they face it head on and don’t give up, they will come out on the other side stronger, and better than they might have initially believed 

If you have enjoyed any of Ms. Linnington’s other novels or enjoy reading mail order bride stories, then you should enjoy reading this hopeful and sweet story. (Amazon link)

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