Monday, December 16, 2019

"Blood Roses" by J.A. Cummings

Rowena Glass and her familiar, Grendal, are on vacation at the Bermuda Island Monster Resort. It is a vacation that she very much needed after her metaphysical bookstore and crystal shop were burned down. She had refused the sexual advances of a local pastor and he had turned his church members against the witch living in their town. She had escaped the fire with her life and her familiar, but nothing else.

At least her insurance had left her with enough money to take a luxury vacation in the Bermuda Triangle where no humans were around to torment her, and where she could simply rest and relax for a while.

At least, that is, until she attends a masked ball where she meets a handsome vampire who captures her heart and who needs help to be freed from his mistress. Can Rowena find a way to help to free Lucius from the vampire who had turned him so very long ago? And at what cost?

I enjoyed this story a great deal, as I have many of the other books published by Ms. Cummings. The tale told here was captivating & easily held my interest throughout the entire story. If she continues with other books in this series, I would definitely look forward to reading them.

My only complaint was that I wish the book had been given another pass by the editor/proofreader as there were a few more typos than I am used to seeing in her books. Regardless of that fact, I did greatly enjoy the story and will gladly read more of them if she continues with this series.

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