Wednesday, December 25, 2019

"While you were Dreaming"
by Celeste Bradley

Vicar John Barton has been working hard trying to find a way to forget his broken heart. The woman he had hoped to marry had fallen in love with the brokenhearted local Lord. It was almost impossible to be upset with the man who had allowed the love of John’s life to heal his heart and marry her. After all, how could the Vicar blame him? Bernadette was a wonderful woman and deserved nothing but happiness in her life. Unfortunately, it still left John with an aching and lonely heart.

Then one day a near tragedy struck and Vicar Barton found himself saving the life of the Lady Emmaline when her carriage nearly fell off the bridge into the frozen river below. Emmaline and her cousin Miss Gray were on their way to spend the Holiday visiting with Lord and Lady Matthias. Was Lady Emmaline the one destined to find love with the Vicar? Or is this just another opportunity for love to pass him by yet again?

This was a very sweet and enjoyable Christmas story with some fun little twists in the tale. I enjoyed reading it and watching the characters discover their own feelings as well as seeing how the time period expected them to act in regards to those feelings. After all, love was often considered to be secondary when compared to whether or not someone was considered a good match. Vicar Barton was someone who could be considered an acceptable match for Lady Emmaline, though she would likely expect him to seek a more prestigious position in London through his family connections rather than remaining in the small village parish in Haven. Nobility didn’t always have as much freedom to follow their hearts as those who were considered commoners did. But what was his heart telling him was right?

I would recommend giving this sweet holiday tale a try. I think most people will enjoy it.

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