Monday, December 23, 2019

"The Poseidon Network" by Kathryn Gauci

To put it mildly, WWII was a harsh time for everyone around the globe. Life was particularly difficult for those living in areas occupied by enemy forces. In such areas there were always pockets of resistance and secret networks connecting those groups fighting to free their homelands.

This book focuses mainly on the story of some of those working among the resistance groups in Greece. The lives of the people there were particularly difficult, especially when the undercover forces began to suspect that there was a traitor in their midst reporting back to the germans. Can they discover if there truly is someone in the resistance who is working against them, who the traitor is, and how their reports are being delivered to the enemy before all of the resistance's efforts are undone? And all this must be accomplished without giving away their suspicions and while still managing to accomplish their own mission.

I enjoyed the story told by Ms. Gauci. The historical aspects were clearly very well researched and the plot was well thought out. Seeing how the resistance operated while undercover was truly interesting and I enjoyed seeing the historical notes as well as the directions on how to make a few of the drinks mentioned inside the story at the end of the book. It is always fascinating to see a bit of the reality behind the historical fiction in any book.

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