Monday, December 2, 2019

"Spinning Time: A Time Travel Romance"
by D.F. Jones

Julia Boatwright has just turned 21 years old. Her parents are throwing her a very elaborate birthday party. They hope that she will fall for one of the proper young men that were invited, but Julia finds them all pretty much the same as each other. In other words, rather boring. But the handsome young man who had arranged to be hired as extra waitstaff in the hopes of meeting her, him she finds fascinating. She knows her mother will definitely not approve of the thought of Julia dating him, but she doesn’t care. And when he eventually proposes to her, she immediately says yes.

But then things take an unfortunate turn when Julia falls through a random hole in time and finds herself suddenly quite a bit in the future. She doesn’t understand how she got there nor does she know how, or even if she can find a way to return to the past that was her home. Everything she knew seems to be gone or changed, and all she wants is to return to her beloved Phillip. But can she return? Or will that wind up changing history?

I enjoyed this story. At first when I started reading it, I kept thinking about far too many “but what if…” thoughts that seemed as if they might cause plot holes. However the author had already seemingly thought of each of those same problems and they were dealt with pretty much as soon as I came across them. She did a very good job of explaining and dealing with such questions well before they actually became an issue. I was very impressed with how she handled the problems that often seem inherent in many time travel stories.

On top of all of that, the story was fun and entertaining. It dealt with a number of twists thrown in by the author in ways that worked quite well the tale being woven. Overall, I enjoyed reading this story.

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