Friday, December 27, 2019

"The Mail Order Bride
and her Children's Hope"
by Florence Linnington

After Emily’s Husband had died in an accident, the townsfolk seemed to take issue with a woman running the Mercantile by herself. They didn’t bother hiding the fact that if they had any other option that they would start taking their business elsewhere. Not having any other offers, she accepted a proposal from a rancher who had answered her ad in a mail order bride catalogue. He had 3 children of his own and needed someone to help raise them after the death of his own wife several years earlier.

Neither Emily nor Levi truly wished to marry again, but they both needed help raising their children and this seemed like the only option available to either of them. However they also had to deal with 5 children who weren’t happy about the joining of their families as well as the fact that none of them were truly open to the changes that would need to take place in order for them all to truly become one family. Add in a mother-in-law who was very vocally opposed to the union and things appeared doomed from the start.

Can they possibly find a way to accept not only each other, but each other’s children and find a way to bring everyone together into one family instead of two sides constantly fighting and sabotaging any attempts to make the marriage work?

I enjoyed reading this book. Ms. Linnington did a wonderful job of showing how difficult it can be to unite two families when no one seems willing to listen to what anyone but they themselves want to believe. This story was well thought out and well written. It showed a true understanding of how being unwilling to trust or assuming the worst in someone before giving them a chance can bring about additional problems that may not have really been there originally.

I think this was one of her best books yet and am very much looking forward to seeing where her next one will take us. Recommended.

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